Monday, April 28, 2008


Today proved  that beautiful moments happen when least expected. My childhood was filled with memories of the elderly people that filled my neighborhood. As years have passed those wonderful people have grown much older and not quite as vibrant as times before. Tonight, I watched from my window as a couple, still young at heart, be separated by the effects of age. To watch as a man walked silently and alone to to his front porch, after his wife was put in the ambulance, made my soul ache. I pray that the visit to the hospital will bring her home in much better health. Tonight made me deeply meditate on the thought of being with a love for so many years, watching them as they grow, vibrantly and beautifully until one day you have to watch as they are being laid on a stretcher because that once vibrant, energentic person is now older and weak. He must have felt entirely helpless. I know one day I will have this experience and it will hit me harder than ever, but for now, I was blessed with the chance to experience a little taste of what that man must be going through. All I can do is pray and hope that somehow this awful pain he must be feeling will be numbed by everlasting love.   A kind of love that I hope will someday be the cure for all of my pain, even that pain which is caused by love- the pain of loving too much. 

Friday, April 25, 2008


Doesn't life just amaze you. One moment you are playing in the sandbox of your best friends back yard, building castles and dreaming of becoming the most beautiful princess. The next moment you are sitting in a dorm room, celebrating the engagement of your sandbox friend to her Prince Charming. They say that life passes by in moments, my life has seemed to pass by in momentous waves, growing bigger and bigger as each year  goes by. It really just seems like yesterday that we were selling rocks in my driveway and woosh, now I am a senior in college, about to live on my own in Ecuador for three months and yet I still feel just as young and naive as I did 14 years ago. I am so excited for life to unfold and see what becomes of everyone I know, yet, I don't want to grow up.  I know now how Peter Pan felt, its tough wanting to stay young forever while in midst of everyone growing up too fast. Ah well, since there is no Neverland in my fairy tale, I will just have to get in, hold on tight and enjoy this wild ride of a life that I'm in for.