Thursday, March 18, 2010

As of Late...

Got snowed in during the most epic snowstorm of all time... absolutely beautiful and SO much fun!

Have you ever seen grocery isles like this before?? Who knew... don't you worry though, there were plenty of Oreos and E.L. Fudges to keep me fed-apparently Marylanders like the boring healthy food.

Explored Anapolis the capitol of this great state of Muuurrrryland

Worked crazy long hours and actually saved some money for once.

Spent time with my wonderful friends at Lake Anna for one last time.

Gave work my two weeks notice

Sold my contract to my apartment :(

Bought my first sweet ride...( which was quite possibly the biggest hassle of my life thus far)

And am moving to bright, sunny, warm, FLORIDA next week! Here I come!

I am extremely sad leaving my incredible friends that I have here in D.C. but I am excited for the new adventure! Anyone want to play on the beach? Give me call :)