Saturday, April 17, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

Happy Birthday to my favorite big bro Cameron on April 14th!

- Always makes me laugh, even when I'm trying to be really upset
- Is the best story teller in all of the land
- Has the most adventurous spirit than anyone I know
- Loves the mountains more than anyone I know
- Gets what he wants when he puts his mind to it... like when searching for an extremely specific truck in an extremely specific price range :)
- Has the most unwavering testimony
- Is moving to Boston! And I'm so sad I don't live in D.C. to come and visit him!
- Mostly, he is the best big brother Cameron ever and I miss him very much!!

Happy Birthday bro! May this year be the most epic yet!

I Made It!

After 5 days straight of intense training, I finally made it through and graduated with 100% on my assessment! It is quite a workout and proved very difficult most of the time, but the children's excitement makes it all worth it. I have found that my favorite part of my job is watching the parents return to their childhood and show just as much joy in seeing Mickey Mouse as any child does. I wish there were more moments in life that brought us back to that mindset. The mindset where the smallest, simple things bring the most happiness. I feel like lately it has been difficult for me to find joy in any good thing that happens to me no matter the size. However, even when I am having a particularly bad day, being able to make someone else happy through who I portray is amazing. I wish I could say that it was genuinely me bringing that happiness into their lives but there is no way I could take credit for Walt's imagination.

I am still adjusting to life in Florida. Here are a few things I still have yet to get used to:
- Allergy season... My allergies have never been this bad before
- Humidity... Waking up each morning to a car covered in dew and pollen
- Animals... This week while driving home from work I saw an Alligator just sunning himself in the road. The next day I had to stop for two HUGE cranes to walk politely across the cross walk. Where am I?!
- Mornings... Every morning there are hot air balloons filling the skies and I am just awe-struck with how graceful and beautiful they are
-Fog... I feel like I am in some eerie horror film every morning with the fog looming all around me
- Disney Discounts... Almost everywhere I go around here offers Disney Cast Member Discounts and it is AWESOME!
- Southern Lingo... Who calls canker sores, mouth ulcers? I finally learned what a crawfish "bowl" boil is and what a crawfish actually looks like
- Beaches... I forget how close I am to beach and can't wait to take off for one today! I love the ocean!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bowled Peanuts

Upon leaving for my Florida adventure, I spoke with my friend William who is from Georgia to get some insider information about Savannah and the south in general. He gave me some great tips and one he showed extreme excitement for was " Ya'll have to get some bowled peanuts!" Bowled peanuts? What in the world? He then went on to explain that it was much like edamame- which is basically boiled soy beans. So after some translation I came to find he meant " boiled peanuts".

During the road trip we kept our eyes peeled for boiled peanuts and only saw one stand that offered them, however, we didn't stop, thinking we would see them everywhere. We didn't. Yesterday I was driving around town, trying to get a feel for what is close by and I drove past a stand selling fruit and boiled peanuts! I was so excited that I finally found one, so I pulled over and bought a cup. The man selling them wasn't very reassuring. I told him that this was my first time trying them and I'm not sure how many I should get, to which he replied " You probably won't like them. Not many people do."

His reply made me nervous as I sat in my car eating the peanuts shell and all! After about twenty minutes of chewing, I finally realized that probably wasn't the way I was supposed to eat them. The next one I tried, I cracked open the shell and ate the greasy, hot peanut inside. It was fine, but it was not as good as I hoped. It just tasted like a hot peanut. I don't know what I was expecting, but apparently I was expecting more then the name description. They might as well put on the sign " Dull, dumb hot peanuts for sale"

I drove away bitter about my peanuts and how bad they were making my car smell for nothing. When I got home, I put the peanuts on the counter and didn't think a thing about them. My housemate Caitlin from Lousianna came home and exclaimed " Where'd y'all pick up some bowled peanuts?" I could not contain my laughter and amazement at how this really is a southern thing! I told her my story and she was shocked that I had never heard of them, let alone not have them at every football game in Utah. I then told her to eat the whole cup cause I thought they were disgusting. She tried one and told me they were not very good and to try the " Cajun Bowled Peanuts" sometime. She also told me that when she is trying to describe edamame to her friends she tells them that it's just like boiled peanuts, and I found that hilarious. Different worlds.

A few hours later, my other housemate Taylor Ann from South Carolina comes through the door and says " Are these bowled peanuts?" Caitlin and I started rolling with laughter, and Caitling replies, " Christyn has never had them!" We told our stories and Taylor Ann tried a few while reiterating what Caitlin said ... apparently I picked the wrong stand to try my first batch of boiled peanuts.

At least I know now that not all boiled peanuts are dull and gross and now I have a team that is on the lookout for a good stand so that I don't have another bad experience. Who knew there were multiple ways to boil peanuts??

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Disney Days

My mom was able to fly in for Spring Break to help me get settled in my new apartment and help with many other things. It was really wonderful to have her here for a week and we had a great time. We were able to get much accomplished and had lots of fun while were at it. Mom and I spent time in the Magic Kingdom and I made her go on every ride with me, she was a good sport- I even took her for a spin on the Wild Teacups. Then we spent a day getting my apartment cleaned and scrubbed from top to bottom, it was a lot of work but the end result is fabulous and so worth it. I'm so grateful for my clean, beautiful room.

We were also able to watch the shuttle launch which was amazing. I never thought it would be so cool but I am so glad we woke up in the wee hours of the morning to do so.

My apartment is really nice. I live with 3 other girls that work at Disney as well, two of them work as Mickey and Minnie and the other works at Planet Hollywood. They are all very fun and have lots of insider tips that I am already benefitting from. We have extra couch space and really nice swimming pool... anybody want to come join?

My first official day at Disney was yesterday.It was a training class that was unlike any other I have been through. The material was much the same- safety first, work efficiently and be courteous to guests but with presentations by Mickey Mouse himself and backstage tours of the Magic Kingdom theme park it ended up being much more entertaining. Disney World is built over a series of underground tunnels that help employees get from one end of the park to the other without having to be seen. I had heard about these but I was finally able to go through them yesterday. It was exciting. It was not quite as glamorous and I had hoped, especially since the whole time you are walking there is trash being transported across the park through giant tubes above your head, traveling at 60 miles per hour- pretty noisy. The day ended with a schedule and info on what I will be doing for the first few weeks. Apparently I fit the height range of Mr.Smee, Goofy, Buzz Lightyear and few other characters so I will be training for that before I can move onto my Princess training :) This all so bizarre and strange to me, I truly am in a different world and I can't wait to have hilarious stories to share. Until then... have a magical day! haha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Road Trippin' USA!

I clearly wasn't thinking straight when I bought my 2-door coupe because somehow I forgot entirely that I might actually NEED trunk space. So after many restless nights thinking about how everything was going to fit the day finally came that I could start packing it. It was quite an endeavour especially considering the lack of a luggage cart, man power and arm strength and I had to take each box individually down 12 floors and out to the car. On one trip I was taking my heaviest box, filled to the brim with books, out to the car when I realized that I didn't have my car keys.... my room keys...or my cell phone- nothin' and the door was locked. It also happened to be on the day that all of the maintinence people were at a conference in a city 2 hours away. So after waiting in the lobby for two hours and pathetically attempting to read and relax; Maurice came to the rescue.

On Thursday, I packed up the car, cleaned the apartment and headed to downtown to meet Julie and Shannon for Baked and Wired cupcakes for the last time. ( Oh how I miss them already.. the cupcakes, not the girls.... kidding) It was fun and I was grateful for time with them and that I was able to relax for a bit. The cherry blossoms were beautiful around the monuments and the weather was perfect.

The next day was moving day! Jacob and I took set off for Wilmington North Carolina- a quaint beach town that just so happens to be the home of Dawson's Creek. haha. We stopped in Fayetsville and Elizabethtown on the way.

After that we headed to Charleston South Carolina with a stop in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach was filled with mini golf courses and gift shops but the beach was beautiful. Charleston was extremely charming with beautiful shops and beautiful houses.

Then we were off to Savannah Georgia with a stop in Beaufort South Carolina. I absolutely loved Savannah. There were gardens in every intersection, spanish moss hanging from the trees and beautiful architecture.

Next stop... Lake Buena Vista, Florida!

It was such a wonderful road trip filled with adventure, fun and a great start to a new journey.