Thursday, December 30, 2010


Dear 2010,

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.


Monday, December 20, 2010


I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge - myth is more potent than history - dreams are more powerful than facts - hope always triumphs over experience - laughter is the cure for grief - love is stronger than death. - Fulghum


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Failure to Launch

Excerpts from a letter I wrote to a dear friend of mine...

Life in Utah has been far from what my dreamy expectations led me to believe. Although nothing bad has happened to me, nothing really great has happened either. My emotions are as unreliable as the weather. Yes, let’s talk about the weather, isn’t that something that should come up in every abstract conversation?

My father and I were welcomed to Utah by a parade of snowflakes that were dancing in our honor. The flakes had so much fun parading about that they decided to stay for a while and partied for three days. Once they sobered up, it made for quite the mess to clean up. The most beautiful mess you could imagine. In that brief moment, I was completely content snuggled next the fire with the latest edition of Nat Geo, watching the entertaining snow. The next moment, I had the Ghost of Christmas’ Past knocking on my door. Only I didn’t have the advantage of dreaming it and there were no happy endings in sight. I may need to speak with Charles Dickens about revising his beloved classic.

Mother Nature soon decided to unpack her winter blanket and melt away all of the beautiful snow. Just as the snow, my emotions were weak and unstable- trying to sort through and glue their mismatched shapes back together again. It creates a very interesting dynamic having to move forward and forget the past all the while being physically surrounded by it.

I needed to run away… somewhere far… a place where no one would know me. I became anxious. I started planning trips, looking at my bank accounts and frantically trying to plan something… anything. I went for a drive. I drove far into the canyon and cried as loud and long as I could. I went for a walk. I walked aimlessly trying to get over my fear of this place. I survived.

As the green grass over took the snow, I’m not sure what happened next. After some reflection, contemplation and divine-intervention, a new emotion pieced itself together- acceptance. I accepted my family, my situation, myself, but most importantly, my past.


As the sun shines outside and my coat stays cozy in my closet, I have discovered new sights, smells and sounds in this old town of mine. I have explored a place that I thought would never alter. Just goes to prove that cheesy saying “ The only thing that’s constant is change.”

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Lights

I love Christmas. I love Coldplay. What a perfect combination. Merry Christmas everyone! (Thanks Lauren)