Sunday, January 23, 2011

P.I.B. / P.I.F.

It is time for that beautiful love/hate relationship to be rekindled yet again. Welcome Sundance.

Love the films. Hate the traffic.
Love the monetary support as these tourist dump money into the city. Hate how slow they walk in front of you.
Love meeting people from around the world. Hate how you have to pay for your normally free parking space.
Love people watching/ celebrity stalking. Hate the people that don't know how to drive their fancy rental SUVs.

The locals like to call the people who fly in for the two week affair, P.I.B, which is short for "People In Black". However, while sitting next to my beautiful window overlooking Main Street I think the more appropriate term is P.I.F. - People In Fur.

Although I have practically lived in this beautiful state for my entire life, I have never once participated in this annual ritual, in fact, I usually try my hardest to avoid it. This year, that pattern has changed. I have already seen two incredible films and have a few others I am excited to see. I have frequented the bar scene that are filled with PIFs and have plans to attend a few exhibits. I am quite fond of this new tradition. It makes dealing with these crowds, parking prices and high maintenance people much less dramatic because I'm actually taking part and enjoying the beauty of independent film making as well.

The Holidays

Excerpts from another letter written to the same wonderful friend...

The holidays were unique this year, yet they were nothing more than typical. I had many friends fly in from all directions on the compass which was a pure delight to spend time with them. We drank lavender tea, laughed for hours on end and spent sleepless nights catching up on our non-existent love lives. I want to tell you about a few of the reunions I embraced.

First, the girls that grew with me. There are about 10 of us and it has become the only event during the year which we see each other. All of them are either married or engaged so it can become quite different conversation than I am used to. We spent time going around the circle having each girl give an update on her life and since we are all a bit detailed it can take an immense amount of time. I marveled at all of the growth and accomplishments that have taken place just within this small circle, especially since our rambunctious teenage years. To give you an idea- we used to call ourselves W.E.L.L. - We Enjoy Lots o' Lovin (consider yourself privileged because that is information we don't just tell anyone). Being surrounded by such strong, inspirational women it gave me hope for the future, especially since I know they will be phenomenal mothers.

The next reunion was between my dear friends from my Washington D.C. days. It was nowhere near the size of the last one but no less inspiring. I was able to see them several times throughout their stay and each time was a pleasure. From Fiestas to Frat parties, we painted the town. As you know, parties and the like are not really my thing, but it was fun nonetheless because of the company I was in. New Years particularly took me far out of my comfort zone. We decided to ring in the New Year Mormon style... picture this...thousands of young, single Mormons, a bounce house, sumo wrestling, dancing, stink bombs and all-you-can-eat ice cream. Remind you of elementary school yet? Maybe not in Georgia. Needless to say, it was a far cry from a great New Years Eve, however, the people watching was extraordinary.

Christmas was spent with family. Traditionally, on Christmas Eve we eat a classic Swiss/German meal called Raclette which is delicious and spend the rest of the night trying to digest. Christmas Day has changed a bit since we have to cater to many different schedules. On Christmas day I slept in until noon and then waited for four hours to open presents. Presents that we braved freezing weather and long lines to purchase on Black Friday. To explain, I will digress for a moment.

On Thanksgiving night, after going through all of the newspaper adds, I convinced my mom and brother to trek to the outlet mall for some door-busting fun. We threw on all of our warmest attire and drove an hour to the outlet mall and shopped until 4:00 AM in sub-zero temperatures. Needless to say, we were useless the next day after I finally woke up around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Throw in working every evening and you have my entire holiday season in a nutshell. Hope yours brought you closer to finding love, peace and discovering the beauty of humanity.