Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Next Adventure...

I was just offered a job working for the National Park Service at Golden Gate National Park. I am so excited to be able to spend time working in nature, swimming the sea and living in San Francisco rent free! In doing my research, I had no idea how massive Golden Gate Park was; I cannot wait to explore from Pacifica to the Marin Headlands ( here is a map)
Yep, that is where I will be living a beautiful, nature-filled life for the next 6 months. Anyone want to come visit?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is Beautiful

Oh what a world my parents gave me....

The most darling girls who share their Bhutanese beauty with me each week
Celebrating Fat Tuesday with the Carrier family. Lisa was king for the day!
Visiting my dear friend Mallory in Rexburg to help with wedding plans... Congrats Mal!
Julie and I embracing the snow by snowshoeing the Cottonwoods
The beginnings of my wonderful garden. I can't wait for summer!
A proper send-off for Christopher driving solo back to Seattle
Julie and I ringing in the colors of springtime with the Krishnas
And the happiest news of all.... drum roll please... my best friend Lindsey is expecting her first little babe! I'm so excited!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Tease

Well hello again winter,
I thought you had left us, instead, you decided to surprise us with an extended visit. Thanks for keeping the tourists happy. However, if you need to leave again soon that would be alright. What happened to Phil miraculously not seeing his shadow this year? I had high hopes for an early spring and it was all just a big tease.

I am so hopeful for spring. I have a feeling it will be grand, as almost all spring seasons are. What a fantastic feeling of renewal, happiness and hope (not to mention, adorable dresses) that the one and only spring can bring about. I can't wait to trade in my boots for peep-toes, my chocolate truffles for fresh fruit and my snow tires for an open sun roof. This spring will be grand indeed.

I am also anticipating a change of scenery coming with the change of weather. It may be working in Golden Gate Park, an office in L.A., a foreign country or moving to the SLC- no matter the place, I am ready and excited for a new adventure. Resume's are in; fingers are crossed.

Until then... happy spring!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

John Muir's Backyard

I just happened upon this beauty and I cannot wait to relish in this once the weather warms...

We took a walk recently
in John Muir's backyard,
Wordsworth in celebration,
Milton in meditation,
and myself
bent on a few days' discovery
deep in the Range of Light.

Step by step,
strive and sweat, yet
caught in wonder at every turn.
Now and then drinking in the
magnificent lines of my companions--
already drunk on the fine wine
of fir and pine.

The wilderness ethic is
to leave things as they are;
and so it was, no scars,
nothing changed,
other than myself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Crooked Teeth

It was one hundred degrees
As we sat beneath a willow tree
Whose tears didn't care
They just hung in the air
And refused to fall

And I knew I'd made a horrible call
And now the state line felt
Like the Berlin wall
And there was no doubt
About which side I was on

I built you a home in my heart
With rotten wood, it decayed from the start

I braved treacherous streets
And kids strung out
On homemade speed
And we shared a bed
In which I could not sleep at all

That night the sun in retreat
Made the skyline look
Like crooked teeth
In the mouth of a man
Who was devouring, us both

I'm a war of head versus heart
And it's always this way
My head is weak, my heart always speaks
Before I know what it will say

And you can't find nothing at all
If there was nothing there all along
There were churches, theme parks and malls
But there was nothing there all along.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

30 years ago today...these two beautiful people decided that after two years of dating and no fatalities, that it was probably about time to move forward. Thank heavens! Through thick and thin (and endless bickering) they have been there to support each other, care for one another and laugh together.

Here is to another 30 years filled with as much love and adventure as the last.

Love you!

Cheers, to vulnerability...

For acting within the living present.

For the chill of a new adventure.

For being strong enough to not hold back.

For being brave.

For failing.

For emotional sickness.

For a new beginning.