Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I made it to the beautiful city of San Francisco!

Cam and I started our caravan with a wonderful breakfast of fresh pancakes and fruit with most of the family. We then started up our engines, turned up the tunes, synced our walkie-talkies and took off for the Golden State.

We were making great time when Cam told me to get off at the airport, however I had no idea why. Turns out he forgot his tool belt in Ogden which is essential when installing security systems. So he drove back to meet Mom for the tools while I listened to Ted Talks in the Park-n-Wait lot at the airport. Don't you worry though, he didn't forget the treats grandma packed for him ( way more important).

Once we finally got on the road we raced to Reno.... literally. As we sped through the most mountainous state in the lower 48, we kept each other entertained by finding animals in the clouds, asking random trivia questions over the walkie-talkie and making friends with fellow commuters.

Soon we made it Reno, dropped off Cams car and headed over the Sierra Nevadas to grab some dinner in Tahoe. We stopped at Squaw Valley and we drooled over the beautiful landscape, epic mountains and beautiful homes dotting the mountainside. Once we made it down to the lake we took a long drive all the way around, stopping at Sprouts a wonderful organic cafe that had just what we were looking for - Ugly Gooey Loaded Nachos.

Another trip over through intense mountain passes, filled with conversations on all things under the sun, we made it back to Reno to crash on the floor of an empty apartment for a few hours before heading to California to stay.

Easter morning was white-knuckled snow driving down to the sun-drenched valley bellow. Once in the valley, we took small highways out to Point Reyes National Seashore which was filled with many adventures to picturesque lighthouses, hikes to daunting cliffs overhanging the sea and racing Indian boys up 300 steep steps.

After that we were on our way to my favorite part of the trip... California One. We took the historic highway through sweet-smelling Eucalyptus forests, quaint fishing towns and towering cliffs rising high above the vast ocean only to top it off with a cruise over the Golden Gate Bridge. That will be a drive that will forever stay engraved in my memory as a highlight of my life.

Cam helped me get settled in after which we ate some delicious Thai food in Haight and then in what seemed like an instant he was gone which left me feeling a bit empty inside. Empty and overwhelmed.


Shannon said...

so glad you're here! can't wait to set a time to see you :). am loving that you are in constant awe at your job. i don't think i will ever get tired of the golden gate bridge; it's magnificent.

Hannah said...

So... he dropped his car off in Reno and how did he get back? I hear that your driving skills are pretty impressive! haha!

Obviously from your most recent post, you are adjusting well. San Fran and Boston are my favorite cities in the US :) I am glad you get to be there to enjoy it!

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