Sunday, October 16, 2011


New happenings in my life:

1} I moved to an adorable apartment in SLC with a wonderful roommate

2} I am attending graduate school at Westminster College studying Non-Profit Management and I absolutely LOVE it- far more than I ever did my under-grad.

3} I am working as a waitress at a quaint French cafe which is a completely new line of work but I am slowly getting the hang of it (slowly being the key word)

4} I am traveling through Spain and Morocco in December

5} I am happy

The new happenings are so wonderful and so different from anything I had anticipated doing this fall but everything has turned out perfectly. I have spent the Autumn in my garden and among the leaves. I have made countless memories with my family. I have rediscovered why I loved Salt Lake and my new friends are inspiring.

Cheers to unexpected adventures!