Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You Sevilla

For handsome matadors

For the discovery of a new world and the man who died in poverty in to find it

For churros dipped in melted chocolate

For a failed worlds fair

For ancient egos and proving power through architecture

For men in tights and capes with ribbons

For nuns who bake

For exuding passion through every pore

For flamenco

Thank You Granada

For snow capped mountains and olive soaked air

For chocolate breakfasts

For Moorish palaces with endless corridors

For cave-dwelling gypsies

For Isabelle and Ferdinand

For white stucco, green doors and blue plates

For Morrocan hot pockets

For the beauty of trans continental friendships

For chocolate, spearmint tea

For the Alhambra.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank You Barcelona

For tumultuous rivers of cars that serenade me to sleep

For photographic memories after all is lost

For untamed beaches and untamed hearts

For Christmas lights and unearthing simplicity

For a maze of ancient cobblestone

For Gaudi
For a world wide church

For Christmas lights strung across charming balconies

For small food and deep conversation

For wandering solo

For Picasso
For energetic street music

For magical fountains

For colorful mosaics and arched catacombs

For humans diverged on one city street

For inspiring trees, leaves and python skeletons

For Gaudi